The events you should add to your restaurant’s calendar for October.


This past Thursday was, believe-it-or-not because of the Florida weather, the beginning of Autumn. And what does that mean? Start taking the time, if you haven’t already, to prepare for the events of October.

What is perhaps most important about the 10th month, besides Halloween, is that it’s technically the first full month of autumn. That might not sound much at first–again with the Florida weather–but with earlier sundowns, slightly colder temperatures, and even the changing color of trees, it never hurts to think ahead.

Here are some big events that are happening this coming October:

Sep. 30th – Oct. 2nd – Ryder Cup (Golf)

Oct. 7th – Frappe Day

Oct. 8th – Pierogi Day

Oct. 9th – Beer and Pizza Day

Oct. 14th – World Egg Day

Oct. 15th – Chicken Cacciatore Day

Oct. 18th – Chocolate Cupcake Day

Oct. 23rd – United States Grand Prix (Formula One)

Oct. 25th – Sourest Day

Oct. 25th – Nov. 2nd – 2016 MLB World Series (Baseball)

Oct. 31st – Halloween

Besides specific days, October is also home to the following month-long celebrations:

National Applejack Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Cookie Month

Eat Country Ham Month

National Pizza Month

National Popcorn Popping Month

If you have any other things that should be mentioned for October, go ahead and email