Some days are harder than others… after Pulse Night club

It’s been an emotional day. We recently found out one of our clients passed at Pulse nightclub. It was a jolt.

I’ll be honest when it first happened I scanned pictures. A lot of kids. Looks like no one I’m close to. My people are older.

I heard stories. 17 losses in one department at Disney. That’s big. But it’s never as big as that flesh and blood you knew.

I felt so proud of our community. We came together in love. We showed em. We did.

And suddenly I’m here. Do I call it a shooting? A tragedy? A loss? I’m at a loss of labels of words. For once I am.

I won’t tell you everything. The autopsy. A family member knowing How their loved one died. How many bullets were in their body. No one should hear that. See that. Have to live that.

For me I lack words today. I lack wording. I lack answers.

There but for the grace of God