Why a sandwich prep table is much more useful for your restaurant kitchen than you think.

Sandwich Prep Table

Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a food truck, or a food trailer, there’s always a good chance that you have a sandwich prep table as a part of your commercial kitchen lineup. But a restaurant kitchen unit like a sandwich prep can be significantly more useful than just making sandwiches. Here are some reasons why a sandwich prep unit can be crucial to your kitchen.

A cold rail on the top and an integrated cutting board mean you can have numerous different tops on standby.

While ordinarily sandwich prep tables are meant to hold sixth-pans, you are perfectly allowed to use different food pan sizes. Say you dedicate a sandwich prep table sorely for PB&J sandwiches. You could use two half-size pans for peanut butter and jelly respecitvely, and spare the rest of the pans for any other additions such as Nutella. Regardless, having a cold rail specifically dedicated for food pans means preparation can be remarkably easy.

Additionally, having an integrated cutting board means that you have a preparation surface as well. This means you could save space normally allocated for a work table, and integrate everything on a sandwich prep table.

An undercounter refrigerator underneath means you have relatively quick turnover on the cold rail part of the prep table.

Did you run out of ingredients to make what ever you need to make? Fear no more.

Instead of having to travel to your walk-in or your reach-in refrigeration unit to refill your station, you can just go to the undercounter cooler part of your sandiwch prep table and refill from there. While it might sound silly and inconvenient to make such a big deal about an undercounter prep table, this is crucial here. Not only can you reduce your prep times, but you can eliminate any chance of cross-contamination because your chilled ingredients in your sandwich prep table’s cooler would ONLY be used for that station.

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