Other people you should hire for your restaurant that’s beyond the house.


While most of your restaurant’s staff are either going to be front-of-the-house or back-of-the-house, you will also need other people outside of the house in order to keep your restaurant smoothly running. Here are a few kinds of people you should have for your establishment.

A graphic designer

Believe it or not, having a graphic designer in your restaurant team can be surprisingly more useful than you think. With your brand assets (like your logo and other digital branding images) already in place, your graphic designer can also create images for your social media, your website, and your blog (if your restaurant has one). Additionally, your graphic designer can also be responsible for other materials such as business cards, menus, flyers, posters, and more.

As your restaurant grows larger such as opening more places, you should also consider expanding your creating team to include people such as a social media coordinator, a marketing manager, a content writer, and other similar creative roles.

An event coordinator

Do you host a lot of events? Do you cater often? Congratulations, you might just have to add an event planner to your team. Similarly called a catering coordinator, have your coordinator be the liaison between the events that you are hosting inside your restaurant, and the events that you are acting as a sponsor. Even if you are reserving your place for a private party, it can be useful to have your event coordinator make sure everything is ready to make sure the event goes as smooth as possible.

Eventually, if you decide to expand your restaurant venture, your event coordinator can also have other people such as a marketing manager, a promotions coordinator, an event planner, and more.

A marketing analyst

Eventually, as you continue running operations with your restaurant, it can be easy to overlook your market and current restaurant trends. This is why it’s important to have a marketing analyst to your team. This way, your analyst(s) can tell you any trends or patterns that’s going on with the market and product marketing research as necessary.

Later on, if you decide to grow your marketing team, other people like a data analyst, a market researcher, and an SEO analyst (search engine optimization) can be worthy additions to your marketing team.