Events to add to your restaurant calendar in August.


Believe it or not, July is almost already coming to a close. And that also means it’s time to start preparing yourself (if not already) for the eighth month of the calendar: August. Here are only a few of the events you should prepare yourself for in the upcoming month.

The 2016 Summer Olympics










Yep, the quadrillenial sports events that’s been hot on the news lately is finally going to happen from Aug. 5th to Aug. 21st. Twenty-eight (28) games will be played at the games, which includes rugby sevens making its debut and golf returning to the Olympics for the first time since 1904 (!).

Time and time again has demonstrated that restaurants can experience a magnificent boost due to the Olympics. So if your restaurant has TVs, then it’s time to put them on good use. Here’s NBC’s complete streaming and watching schedule.

Back to school for Florida public school districts


It’s the schoolchildrens’ worst nightmare: Soon they’ll have to go back to school. But if you run a restaurant, this can be a marketing opportunity to reach out to your younger customer base. Whether you do it during the sales free tax holiday or do it before school starts, just keep in mind that, at least in the Orlando area, schools will start on either August 10th or August 15th.

The 2016 US Open (Tennis)


Sorry golf lovers, but the US Open in golf back in June. But as the fourth of four major tennis events eligible to get a grand slam, this is a big one. While recent doping scandals has affected the sport recently, it’s still going to gain attention as a major tennis event for most people. And believe it or not, people REALLY WANT to see the US Open. So unless you want to move away from the sports, make sure you remember that the US Open will happen between Aug. 29th to Sep. 11th.