What you need to keep in mind about restaurant and food truck inspections


Regardless of what you think about restaurant inspections, it’s going to be a part of your life if you decide to open a restaurant or a food truck. No matter what your personal stance on inspections might be, it’s something that really does need to be taken serious and something to keep in mind. Here’s some tips to remember about such inspections.

In Florida, inspections are public record.

Ever wonder how local news knows why this restaurant is closed or why the local news station’s investigative reporter knocks on a restaurant owner’s door because of restaurant violations? Because anybody can access them, and there’s even an app (iTunes / Google Play). So with that mind, anybody–from your patron to your staff–can access your most recent and past inspections. While only a few cities are allowing Yelp to post restaurant health safety scores, for example, it shows that inspections can have an impact on your social media presence.

Most restaurant inspections around the world are graded.

This might seem a little unusual to people who lived in Florida their entire lives, but a lot of states actually put a grade (or a score) on the restaurant inspections. And depending on where you live in, the grades are difference. In Mississippi for example, there are just three grades. And whereas in Alabama, it’s done on a score. While believe it or not, having restaurant inspection scores allows us to see a relatively better idea of an inspection score and its violations.

You get no awards for perfect inspections.

While that sounds obvious for most people, it’s something that’s often overlooked peoples’ restaurants are being inspected. It’s better that you don’t hear any violations from your inspectors than having any at all.

Why is this important? Because it essentially means you, as the owner, are doing your job.  You’re making sure your restaurant kitchen is clean, you’re making sure you and your staff are handling the food properly, you’re making sure that the restaurant is providing good food.