Small things you can do to help keep your restaurant staff motivated.


As a lot of restaurants and food trucks/food trailers are constantly fast-paced to try to serve their patrons as quickly as possible without losing quality, that can take a toll on both your front house staff and your back house staff. Here are small, but potentially useful tips to keep your constantly busy staff motivated.

Provide short (and I mean short) water breaks if possible.

This is especially true for your back house staff and your staff in general if your patrons generally eat outside. That constant heat can take a toll on your staff. You don’t want to be responsible for having a dehydrated staff. For even five minutes at a time, allow your staff to grab a water cup and let themselves hydrate (but of course, don’t let it turn into a watercooler gossip area!)

Allow your staff to try out your latest dishes.

While it can be very easy to assume that your staff has the same palate as you do, it’s also very possible that your staff has different tastes. Although it’s true that your staff may be a small sample size, your staff is still a potential source to help you develop your dishes.

Make sure your training is working.

Having a training program is one thing, but are you sure that your staff is getting the most out of the training? Although a lot of managers would prefer to have people be 100% ready from the first day, there’s going to be instances where your staff isn’t up to speed on procedures, or perhaps they encountered an incident and it’s something everything could benefit from. Instead of training the same stuff every single time, make sure your training regimen is up-to-date and make sure your staff has learned something from it.

Consider getting involved with a community.

Do you know what is a surprisingly marketing boost for a restaurant? Getting involved with a community. Whether it’s a special benefit night or running an event, giving back can be a great way to keep your restaurant staff going.

But make sure you do your research and choose an organization that EVERYONE in your staff feels comfortable contributing, and not just pick one out of a ten-gallon hat. For more help picking charities, visit Charity Navigator and GiveWell.