This might be the future of the food trailer.

(Source: Movico BV)

If you watch Formula One, you’ll notice that in the paddock, the teams have these buildings where team personnel can have meals, and where drivers can rest. These transforming trailers, otherwise called mobile hospitality units (some might even call it a glorified pop up trailer), has the potential to become the next stage into the food truck.

These units tend to be self-contained.

While most food trailer areas (like a food truck rally) have Porta Potties for restroom use and mobile hand sanitizers for, well hand sanitizing. But how about a trailer that has a bathroom, has places to eat on the inside (that’s climate controlled), and ha all the amenities of a restaurant in a trailer?

Such expandable trailers means higher marketability potential.

While it’s relatively easy to spot a food truck on the road, it’s not always as easy (unless you have a great wrap) with a food trailer. But with a possible food trailer like one seen above, with a trailer as big as your freight trailers, you suddenly could get a lot more coverage.

And the spectacle of one of these trailers automatically expanding to its full mode? While Transformers was so 2014, it’s most likely going to attract most attention than most concession trailers today.

It sets the tone for the growth of food trucks.

While restaurants are enjoying a slow but steady growth, the food truck industry (which usually includes food trailers) is growing rapidly. As is similar with the current tech startup landscape, such rising sales growth usually means competition. And with an increasingly more common spotting of food trucks and food trailers (in parts thanks to the Frog!), it won’t be surprising that the food truck and the food trailer scene will rapidly innovate in the near future.