“That Exists?” – Commercial kitchen equipment you probably don’t know that exists


Whether you know this or not, it’s important to know that the exhaustive list of commercial kitchen equipment isn’t just something you could conveniently fit in a catalog. In fact, there are so much different varieties out there that it’s likely even your most seasoned foodservice veteran will know all the equipment out there. At the very least, here are some equipment that most people will likely not know.

An 11″ range.

A 11″ range? Although your most common restaurant ranges are usually sized in 24″, 36″, 48″, or 60″, it’s entirely possible to get a range that’s has just two burners–not to mention you will not have an oven with a range that small.

But if you need a range, and you really need a cooking surface, and even a hot plate with an equipment stand is too wide, then this is the option for you.

A 120″ pizza prep table

In probably what’s only useful for the most high-volume of restaurants (like buffets and such), you could get a 10 feet pizza prep table. Ideally, you could prep multiple pizzas at once with multiple people, but at the same time it would likely take the longest to restock a 120″ pizza station, since a 120″ pizza prep table can hold up to 15 third pans.

A portable walk-in cooler

In what is possibly one of the most innovative advanced in commercial refrigeration in quite a while, it’s entirely possible to have a portable walk-in cooler for your restaurant (even though this will probably benefit catering businesses the most).

Sizes at 4′ deep, 4′ wide, and 6′ 6″ tall, it can only hold up to 1000lb. of whatever you can fit inside, not to mention a tent-style setup and still be able to cool stuff within a range of 36 degrees to 40 degrees. And believe it or not, it only weighs around 300 pounds.

A knife-sterilizing cabinet

In what is one of us Frogs thought would probably better suit hospitals, you can get this solution to sterilize your knives. Naturally, you would have to wash, rinse, and dry your knives first before you place your knives in there. However if you need a safe way to sterilize your knives, then here you go.