The shocking lack of back-of-the-house technology is a problem.


Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. The front-of-the-house is spoiled with apps. Need to manage reservations? There’s an app for that. Need a POS system with a smart-device footprint? There’s an app for that too…and so on and so forth. But the pattern goes true for the other way around–there’s almost no apps out there that focus on the back-of-the-house. Except for the few restaurant-themed inventory management apps and operations management apps, the technology and such to help the back-of-the-house is a bit…lacking. Here are some solutions so that the back of the house can be more tech-friendly.

Restaurant equipment should be connected.

If smart things (in other words, the Internet of Things) have reached the home, then what stops it from going to the restaurant kitchen? It would be pretty convenient if your convection phone let your smartphone knew that it finished baking, or that your fryer let your phone know the oil has reached its requested temperature? Or even better, that you can automate tasks via a smart restaurant hub? And it should be scalable as well, so it can accommodate anything from a food truck to a school cafeteria kitchen.

Augmented reality could prevent cooking mistakes, small and big.

Maintaining a precise recipe is especially important for restaurant chains and such, where every patron should experience the exact branded burger, for example. Or on the other hand, how about a specific visual aid so that chefs can know exactly what to add to make this client’s spaghetti extra spicy, for example. Remember, you don’t want to lose a customer just because the chef had a different idea of “extra mushrooms” than your customer did, so if augmented reality can minimize such mistakes, then why not?

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