Why you should post employee schedules one month in advance.


If you’re running a restaurant, food truck, or concession trailer with a fair amount of employees–either on the front of the house or the back of the house– you’ll have gotten used to posting employee schedules. But whether you post the schedule(s) a day ahead of time, or a week ahead of time, that’s really not giving your employees enough notice so they know when they work. To accommodate your staff and help with their morale, you should post the schedules as week in advance.

It gives your staff better accountability of their time.

This is crucial if your staff are students, are parents, or if they have other jobs. Giving your staff their schedule a month in advance means not only that your staff can coordinate when they take time off, but they also take plenty of time and opportunity to switch time offs and tasks like that.

But this doesn’t only apply to busier-than-normal employees as well. This puts you in a better position as a leader, and displays that you have great organization and communication skills.

It’s a good thermometer of how good are your employees.

Having a schedule a month-in-advance can also give you a pretty good idea of your employees’ work ethics. With a schedule this-far-in-advance, it can be a good indicator of which employees show up for time and for those who don’t. If you post your schedule only a couple days in advance and your staff starts missing shifts, then the burden’s on you. But if you post them a month-in-advance, then the burden is on the staff member(s) who starts missing shifts.

But a month-in-advance schedule is only a part of the equation.

But only posting stuff a month-in-advance is not going to be enough to keep your employees aware of when they work. For example, you should let your staff know when the schedule(s) changes every, single, time. Additionally, you should have at least a couple of redundancies set in place. A scheduling redundancy? Here’s an example.

  • If Charles is supposed to work the 5PM – 11PM shift on Mondays and can’t be able to work,
    • Nico will take Charles’s shift in case Charles is out
      • If Nico is out, Amanda will take his place.
        • If Amanda is out, then Mary will take Amanda’s place

And this goes on and on, until there’s nobody remaining and you will ultimately have to take Charles’s place. And don’t leave Charles’s spot open because you don’t want to work. Even if Charles’s night might not be busy, you should always have the manpower necessary just in case.