What would we watch in a Restaurant Olympics?


With just less than 100 days to go until the 2016 Rio Olympics, one of the world’s most sporting events is just around the corner. And with rugby and golf returning to the upcoming Olympics, it’s sure not to disappoint. But what would happen if there was a Restaurant Olympics? What would happen if there was a Restaurant Olympics or a Foodservice Olympics this year? We try to find out.

The sports would probably be related to the stages of cooking.

It might sound weird at first, but chefs mastering say, speed-chopping onions (NSFW Comments) or chopping 15 bell peppers at once (NSFW comments), would make for very entertaining spectacles. But the restaurant sporting events shouldn’t be limited to just preparation. One-hundred-meter speed serving? Sixty-second speed dishwashing on a three-compartment sink? We can go on, but it’s hard not to think of an almost endless amount of events for the general crowd.

Indoor arenas would probably be the most likely venues for the events.

It would be too easy, and too inconvenience to use soccer stadiums as arenas. Remember, these sporting events need to have as much of an even playing field as possible. So the organizers would have to control the temperature, humidity, and even the wind speed so that nothing is compromised while foodservice athletes go for the gold.

The data should be used for future research.

Sounds boring? Well it shouldn’t. With a constant desire to innovate and compete, the data from the Restaurant Olympics should be used as basis for future research to improve restaurant management and restaurant operations. Perhaps there’s a better way to serve food, or maybe it’s time to adopt a new method of using a charbroiler. Regardless, restaurants should use this opportunity to use the Restaurant Olympics to constant improve and strengthen.