The sports events you should prepare for in May


We’re approaching the end of April, and that means it’s time to prepare yourself for the month of May. Yes, you should obviously prepare for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and Cinco de Mayo (even if they are not sports events), there are other events you should look out for in the fifth month of the year.

The Invictus Games


Never heard of the Invictus Games (May 8th – May 12th)? It’s the multi-sports event that’s aimed towards wounded veterans. And this year, it’s being held right here in Orlando. Don’t take this for granted, however. The annual event represents 15 nations and the committee is headed by Prince Harry. If your restaurant is located close to ESPN’s Wide World of Sports, don’t be surprised if your establishment receives a lot of traffic.

The Kentucky Derby & Preakness Stakes


Don’t be fooled that the annual horse race isn’t popular this year. In fact, last year’s Kentucky Derby (airing May 7th) pulled in more viewers than even last year’s Academy Awards telecast.While it’s true that this year’s Preakness Stakes (May 21st) haven’t gotten as many ratings, start preparing for patrons who might want to organize viewing parties (or even host your own viewing party if you desire).

Indy 500 / Coca-Cola 600 / Monaco Grand Prix


Yep, three of your biggest motorsport events are being held in the same day – May 29th. And while the three motorsports events doesn’t necessarily bring in as many viewers as the other sports (a 4.2 in Indy 500 and a 3.8 for the Coca-Cola 600, plus a 1.4 for the Monaco Grand Prix) use the motorsport triple-feature as an opportunity to cater towards car clubs (and believe us, Florida has a LOT of car clubs) or host car-related events such as a cars & coffee.