Is restaurant design still behind? (Yes)


Lately, we’ve seen a redesigned McDonald’s, a redesigned T.G.I. Friday’s, and most recently a redesigned Johnny Rockets. And, at least in the opinion of some of the folks at the Frog, it’s not bad at all. However, as restaurants strive to look more modern, it’s actually not going modern enough to appeal to our generation, and we should take further steps to make sure that today’s restaurants are more attuned to our increasingly technologically-aware generation.

Restaurants need tech, and a lot more of it.

While technologies such as Ziosk and drone-based pizza delivery  have helped a little, restaurants, in general, can do a lot better than a tablet and a drone. Because a lot of the existing technology is already available, here’s only a small list of possibilities of putting more technology in a restaurant.

  • Place wireless charging capabilities on the tables for smartphones and tablets
  • Have smart lighting around the tables so that patrons can have better creative control on mobile photography.
  • Allow smartphone-based reservation check-in kiosks so that all patrons have to do is to tap their smartphones.
  • Spare a few parking spaces for electric cars.

The list can go on and on, but it’s important to recognize that, with the advent of the current generation where Snapchat is quickly becoming the darling of the social media companies, it’s important for restaurants to catch up with the mach-speed world of consumer technology.

A sustainable restaurant design needs to be more widespread.

Although it’s not commonly-thought, but yes, restaurants produce a lot of emissions. And like consumer tech, the technology is already there to help create sustainable restaurants. Whether you’re retrofitting LED lighting,  or creating a restaurant entirely from bamboo, restaurants are a great opportunity to benefit from an eco-friendly and sustainable design.

But the buck doesn’t stop from design in general. By taking advantage of technologies such as next-generation refrigerants, on-demand ignition systems (in place of standing pilot lights), and even solar power, restaurants in general can take a larger part in creating a more sustainable, and a more 21-century restaurant.


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