Is your restaurant prepared for graduation?


It’s just around the corner, but it’s not a federal, state, or local holiday, and in a way it can be one of the busiest times of the year. It’s time to talk about graduation. If you’re a full-service restaurant, especially a high-end one, high school and college graduation can be busy times for graduation. Although actual graduation might be a little while away, here are some tips to make sure your restaurant is ready for graduation party time.

Make sure your appointment schedule is free for graduation parties.

Although it’s likely that you already have reservations for parties for that incoming graduate, make sure your reservation schedule(s) are ready for large groups (while there’s no firm number, don’t be surprised if your front-of-the-house staff might have to reorganize furniture). Even if your place subscribed to a reservation system such as OpenTable, make sure you have plenty of available space anyway.

Be open to catering graduation parties

If your restaurant also happens to provide catering services as well, then take advantage of the opportunity to provide your services. Remember, it won’t always be the case that the graduate and their respective party members are going to flock to restaurants, so be prepared to cater some party food.

Allow guests to decorate their party tables

Although there is a possibility that it might clash with your decor, it might not be a bad idea to allow the guests/patrons to allow them to decorate their own reservation table. Even though it’s a good idea to review each party setting so that your patrons won’t go overboard, go ahead and review the party settings before you go forward.