Rethinking table turnover


If you’re running a crowded restaurant, combating table turnover can be especially difficult. At one hand you want to turn over tables as quickly as possible so that your patrons aren’t suddenly waiting very quickly, but rushing your patrons can lead to a very negative experience. While there are a lot of ways to reduce table turnover, here are some other tips that could potentially help as well.

Ask for the drinks as soon as possible.

Although it might count as rushing if you’re operating a fine-dining restaurant, it might behoove more casual restaurateurs to ask for their drinks preferences as soon as they come in. Even if you don’t have a waiting area in your restaurant, this will give your patrons a much closer opportunity to ordering their respective meals.

Add flavor scales to your menu.

A lot like adding the pepper icon to indicate spiciness or a unique symbol to indicate a vegetarian meal item, try stepping up and provide a frame of reference so that your patrons can have a better idea of what they’ll eat. Maybe this items has 3 peppers out of 5 or maybe this item has a sweetness factor of 2. Regardless, it save the hassle of potentially being plenty of questions from your patrons.

Minimize server traffic.

Another potential problem with restaurants is that an influx of servers could hinder times servers need to help patrons. You could create one-way lanes for servers, or possibly even create multiple lanes and arrange the furniture accordingly. Regardless of what you plan, if you see that servers have to step aside so that other servers can help their respective patrons, it can become a problem.