Tips to improve your food truck / concession trailer’s menu


With a continuing growth within the world of food trucks and concession trailers, it can be a very exciting proposition for those who are looking for an alternative to opening a restaurant. But it’s important to understand that running a restaurant and running a mobile food vehicle are two completely different ventures. And one of the most important differences are implementing a menu. Here are some tips to implement, or improve, your current mobile food menu design.

Ditch the paper menu (if you can).

While it might be cost-efficient to do a paper menu the same way a lot of restaurant print a takeout menu, it’s quite a paper-wasting and a time-consuming process to order food. An added benefit of ordering from a food truck or a concession trailer is that you know exactly what to order when you’re at the counter (similar to a fast-food restaurant). But by cutting corners and going the paper route circumvents a fast line turnover you’d expect when you’re running a mobile food business.

The menu should be easy enough to read from a distance.

It’s easy to overlook this suggestion, but your concession menu shouldn’t be designed to reader when your patron is on the counter ready to order. That wastes time for people behind the patron and it can slow down everything else with your business. Instead, your menu should be designed with lines in mind. If your food truck/concession trailer’s menu can’t be read from several feet in the way and not blocked by patrons or other obstacles, then your menu design won’t fundamentally work.

As an alternative, use a TV screen (as we have done with our food trailer projects) or use a good portion of your wrap to implement a large menu as well.

Keep it simple.

In most cases, your truck or trailer could have seriously long lines (especially if you’re catering for an event). And while it may be a good idea to diversify your menu and have lots of exciting options, it’s easier to keep your menu simple. That way, it reduces the decision time otherwise needed by your patrons and prevent your food stock from being overdiversified.

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