Does your restaurant not have a bar counter? You’re missing out.


Even though it wouldn’t necessarily be the end of the world for your restaurants to not have a bar, it makes a surprising difference to the bars that do. Here are some of the reasons why having a bar, or at least a bar-style counter, is beneficial over not having one.

You open up seating availability to people who eat alone.

While couples and groups can be some of your greatest points of profit for your restaurant (especially if you’re going full-service), by excluding a bar area you are potentially excluding one of the most prevalent demographics out there: people who eat alone. But on the other hand, by offering tables to people who eat alone, you potentially alienate couples or large groups who might be interested in eating at your restaurant.

It’s a way to show off your drink offerings.

Do you want to show off the fact that your restaurant has a big drink menu? You can do that with a bar area.

While most bars will show off their spirits such as vodkas or whiskeys, the sky is pretty much the limit on how you want to show your bar area. Doing a wine bar? show off your bottle collection. Opening a smoothie place? Then it’s time to show off your vegetables. Regardless of what concept your are opening or what you plan to open, use the opportunity to merchandise your offerings to better market your menu items.

If none else, it opens the opportunity to host events.

Depending on your restaurant’s layout, it can be difficult to downright-impossible to host events in your restaurant. If you don’t have a lot of drink offerings or you don’t have a lot of patrons who come alone, then at least use an opportunity to use the bar area to host events.

Whether you’re hosting a trivia night or even a painting class, the bar area can be a fantastic way for an event host to setup and use it to host events accordingly.