Why your restaurant shouldn’t have its own app.


If you think about it the idea makes sense, right? Your restaurant, food truck, or concession trailer is popular enough that it deserves its own app. All the top brands do it, so why shouldn’t you? Although it might sound good in practice, generally it’s a waste of money and time for your establishment to have its own app…with a few exceptions.

It’s redundant.

Need directions? Use Google Maps.

Looking for a menu? It should be on your website.

Thinking of ordering online? Now that’s a different story.

Unless you know that your restaurant service can be improved with an app-based reservation system and/or an online ordering service, or a way to maintain a loyalty program, there are plenty of portals and online services out there that make it unnecessary to produce an app.

Your website having responsive design is an excellent alternative, anyway.

It used to be in the past that restaurants used apps because web technology hadn’t caught up and adapted towards smartphones, tables, and other smaller devices.

But with the rise (and the continuation) of responsive design, you can have a website that adapts to a regular screen (ie laptop, a desktop with a monitor, or an all-in-one) or pretty much all smart devices out there. With a modern website design, you have the ability to capture all audiences.

Focus on your online presence instead.

It should almost be painfully obvious that you have at least one social media channel (but not all of them) to get your place’s name out there. Make sure you have a complete profile in restaurant discovery portals such as Zomato to further your presence towards the foodies, not to mention make sure you have a good presence in Google Maps.

By making sure your online presence is top-notch, you will generally eliminate the need to have your own mobile app.