Start preparing for St. Patricks’ Day right now if you haven’t already


This Thursday, some people regard it as the beginning of March Madness. But for most restaurants, it’s none other than St. Patrick’s Day. Not only you’re not going to get another opportunity to celebrate until at least Cinco de Mayo, it’s a good opportunity to branch out and do something new.

Serve special beers (if you already serve alcohol in your restaurant)

Sure it might be fun to offer dye beer green and call it at that, but if you plan to go all-day-happy hour on St. Patrick’s Day, go out and branch out further by serving beers indigenous to Ireland. This is not only a good opportunity to further experiment on what’s on tap, it’s a better way to see what your patrons might like in terms of beer.

And just to be extra sure, make sure you’re already authorized to provide beer in your restaurant.

Offer more than just beer.

Sure it might be the norm to serve beer, but in order to better cater to different audiences, make sure you are serving more than just the lager.

Whether you’re going to serve wine, whiskey, or whatever, make sure you have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages available. Remember, not everybody likes beer.

Offer food, and plenty of it.

What goes great with beer? Food. Make sure you have plenty of food ready for St. Patrick’s Day. If you haven’t already and you have the time, go ahead and have some Irish cuisine dishes available as well.