The things you and your establishment could do for Leap Day.


For some people, February 29th might just be the most glorious day of the year (besides the fact that it’s prime wedding proposal time), but if you’re running a restaurant, a food trailer, or food truck, you have an extra day that you’re only going to get every four years. Here are some ideas for your establishment to have for this upcoming Monday.

Hold sales.

A $2.29 smoothie? $0.29 wings? Many bigger brands push deep discounts for the 29th-day of the year. Take this advantage to hold sales with either the numbers “2” or “9” to celebrate the occasion. Just make sure you’re not marking up an item menu to $2929.29.

Do a special event.

Have you or your staff ever had an event idea for your place but you never thought you had the right timing for it? Well leap day gives you an opportunity to try that event idea out. This not only signifies that this isn’t an event you’ll be doing often, but that extra day means that you’re doing something special.

(If Mondays aren’t profitable days for you) Take the day off.

If you don’t take a lot of holidays off (which is common in the foodservice industry), and Mondays aren’t a busy day for your place, then you might just want to take a paid day off (In fact, Zappos is doing that this year). Not only do you get a breadth of relief for your staff, but it’s also a good opportunity to take advantage of some rare travel deals.