Restaurant management myths, debunked


Once you get your restaurant, food truck, or food trailer going, it’s easy to have a lot of misconceptions about running a restaurant, food truck, or food trailer. Although several wrong impressions exist, here are only a few examples that’s going to be debunked.

I only have to worry about the food, right?

Wrong. This is perhaps one of the largest misunderstandings about running the foodservice operation, about whether it’s just about serving delicious food or not. Instead, it’s much more important to see a restaurant as a business sercice–thinking about the financials, the furniture, the entertainment options, the POS system, the clients, the bathrooms, the servers and plenty more components in order to run as a seamless operation as possible. Remember, having horrible service is just as bad as serving horrible food.

It’s better to hire from outside.

Again, no, and perhaps this kind of thinking is dangerous–especially in the restaurant industry. Not only has studies shown that hiring-from-within is a better way to combat employee turnover than one might expect. In addition to combating turnover, you have the potential to foster better relationships between your employees, which is critical in an industry where teamwork plays a huge part of a well-run operation.

But that doesn’t mean slam the recruiting brakes. Once in a while, you should recruit from outside, if at least to bring fresh perspectives in your establishment.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This is an absolutely wrong conception in two fronts:

One. You should absolutely perform preventative maintenance on your commercial kitchen equipment whenever possible. Not only do you prevent problems later on (nothing can be worse for a head chef than a non-working fridge, for example), but you have, in general, better prospects when you decide to upgrade your equipment. And whenever possible, have licensed professionals perform maintenance on your equipment as well.

Two. Lately, the bombardment of mobile tech meant that even chain restaurants could no longer ignore the benefits of having Ziosks and such. And with the surge of recent tech such as mobile payments, you are missing the opportunity to invest in your establishment.