Do you offer a rewards program? It might be time to ditch the punch cards and start swiping.


If you own an establishment where you offer a rewards program, then that’s great (if you haven’t, and you know that you have repeat patrons, then it’s time to get started). But if you feel like you are getting a lot of business from repeat patrons thanks to your rewards program(s), then there are some good reasons why you need to step up to a swipe-card system.

Traditional punch cards are fragile.

While it might be cost-effective to implement business-card-sized cardstock and start punching holes away, a big problem with punch cards is that they don’t stand well to wear-and-tear. Imagine you have a lot of cards and such in your wallet or your purse and, especially in the world of a cashless society, it can be easy for your punch card to bend, crush, or get torn apart.

And depending on how good your memory is regarding clients’ punch cards, it’s entirely possible that your clients will never reap awards because they constantly have to start over every time the respective patrons’ punch cards are lost or too badly damaged.

It’s better branding.

Imagine, for a moment, that you are pondering where you want to eat out. You see dozens of business cards. And after putting the business cards back in your wallet, you realize that you have some rewards points available on your establishment’s rewards card inbetween all the other cards out there. Having a plastic card not only makes your brand stand out compared to other businesses, but it looks a lot more professional as well.

Swipe cards can dramatically improve your establishment’s website

Do you already offer online ordering at your establishment? If you do, having a swipe-based rewards system can bring a lot more to the table to your online ordering. Not only does it further attract an audience who otherwise does not eat out often, and it also makes your establishment’s rewards program that much more competitive.