Feeling unnoticed? Here are some other event ideas for your establishment.


If you already have an established social media campaign and a consistent schedule (at the minimum), but still feel like your establishment isn’t as marketed and known as it should be, here are some other potential marketing ideas to get started.


If people aren’t coming to your restaurant, food truck, or food trailer, then bring your establishment to them. Whether it’s towards a business or an organization, catering provides a good way to get your name known, if at least through word-of-mouth.

But before you start to offer catering, you should also take a look at the legal considerations before doing so.

Sponsor local events.

If you do consider sponsoring local events, it’s useful that you cater local events first to get your name out. That way, you can reach out to potential patrons who are within your reasonable area before reaching out. And if you do manage to sponsor an event or multiple events, you should have a timeline and a clear plan before doing so.

However as a basic rule-of-thumb, you should try to avoid sponsoring events outside your metropolitan area.

Host cooking classes.

If your establishment is popular enough for its food, and you have a reputable chef(s) in your staff, then it might not be a bad idea to hold a cooking class to get your patrons engaged. Of course none of us at the Frog wants you to divulge any top secrets, but at least give the opportunity to teach the basics of your cuisine.