What will be in the food truck of the future? (2016 Edition)

By Dllu (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons
A little more than a year ago, we covered what might be in the future of food trucks. Since then, the food truck industry continues to thrive. That being said, here are some more things we believe will be in the food truck(s) and food trailer(s) of the future.

Food trucks and food trailers will become technological powerhouses.

It’s almost no question that food trucks and food trailers have mastered technology in front-of-the-house, thanks to mobile payments systems such as Square and QuickBooks Payments, it’s only a matter before the technological rush goes to food trucks themselves. With news about an all-electric food truck and even NYC going forward with environmentally-friendly food carts, food trucks and food trailers could be state-of-the-art. And with other high-growing technologies such as autonomous vehicles

Food truck / food trailer parks will be widespread.

While news of more food truck /food trailer parks are slowly but surely gaining attention, it’s a real possibility that it’s only a matter of time before cities will be full of community areas where it’s safe to hold multiple mobile food businesses (which includes food trucks, food trailers, food carts, and more).

Advocating this will be a huge boost to cities because not only it will reduce the problem of physical competition with brick-and-mortar restaurants, but the increase of food truck / food trailer parks means that patron groups who have wildly different palettes have a wider variety of food options.

Food truck development (might) outpace restaurant development

With recent worries about commercial real estate housing prices and soaring food prices, it can be entirely possible that there will be a time where more mobile food businesses will open than restaurants. And with a continuing approval for food trucks, the potential less overhead for food trucks and food trailers compared to restaurants might compel more aspiring and seasoned restaurateurs to convert into foodtruckeurs or foodtrailereurs.


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