Why a food trailer might be better than a food truck


This article is a continuation on a week-long series, focusing on food trucks and food trailers.

Arguably, it was the Kogi BBQ, which was founded in 2008, food truck that started the modern food truck revolution. But as the food truck industry swells to over a billion dollars, food truck and food trailer demand is as high as ever. But what’s not as well-known, is that you don’t have to always settle with a truck. With an enclosed trailer, you might have a better solution with your own mobile food business.

You have more choice.

Unlike food trucks where it’s a matter of finding the appropriate truck, you have plenty of choice with enclosed trailers. While your most common trailer can range between 6 feet and 24 feet, the buck does not stop there. In fact, you could step up to a travel trailer, or even a semi trailer. Whichever trailer you are interested in, make sure it is an enclosed trailer (and not an open trailer), and it has enough space on the inside to be able to install a clean surface.

It’s less complex.

Here is a big thing when you have a food truck: You have to worry about the “truck” part of the food truck.  So instead of having to just worry about your trailer kitchen (which we build here at the Frog regularly) and your food, you have to make sure your truck doesn’t break down. Nothing would be worse for your food truck business and canceling a food truck event you scheduled because you broke down.

But there’s one reason why you might have to stick with a truck after all.

No matter how great a trailer is, it won’t matter if you don’t have the right vehicle to tow the trailer. If you don’t have a vehicle (whether that be a pickup truck, a SUV, or which ever large vehicle you use) that is able to tow your food trailer for whichever events you are attending. In fact, it’s entirely possible that your towing vehicle will be more expensive than your entire food truck trailer. Nevertheless, you at least don’t have to worry about your food truck breaking down.


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