Other vehicles that could be used as a food truck


This article is the start of a week-long series focusing on the mobile food business, including food trucks, food trailers, and more.

It is very likely that a good number of food trucks out there started as step vans. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the only kind of vehicle you have to start with. Here are other kinds of vehicles out there that you can start with a food truck business.

A Bus.


From small school buses to double-deckers, a bus can be a good vehicle to start for a food truck. Not only do you have the room for it, but a bus can easily stand out from other food trucks or food trailers out there.



Yep, the kind of recreational vehicle that allowed many people to tour America and use plot devices as movies, it’s not that far-fetched to convert a RV to a food truck. Like buses, you have many different sizes and choices to choose from.

A Cargo Van.



Although space will be a luxury, it’s a possible to convert what is otherwise called a cargo van to food truck. While there are a number of different sizes out there, it’s usually recommended to look for the largest one available with a high roof. That way, you have the best chances to provide a good kitchen solution for your food truck.

Why not something smaller?

Despite what Kia and Peugeot proving that it’s possible to convert a minivan or a similar consumer vehicle to a mobile food business, it’s simply impractical in the real world to do so.

The first reason why it’s impractical is that it’s too small. One big advantage with conventional food trucks and food trailers is that you have enough space for actual cooking surfaces. If you try to open a food truck with say, a SUV, you might possibly manage with a few warming equipment at best.

Another reason that it might be impractical is the service. The distinction with food trucks and food trailers is that the service counter is right on the kitchen, making service turnover relatively quick.

So unless you want to create a design concept for a graduate thesis paper, a food cart is a perfectly acceptable alternative for a smaller mobile business footprint.

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