Some tips to get your establishment ready for Valentine’s Day


Earlier this week, we covered how to prepare your establishment for this weekend’s big football game. But in addition to the sporting event, there’s another big day coming up that establishments need to prepare for: Valentine’s Day. As the romantic holiday racks up at least $13 billion, it’s important that your establishment is prepared for the day of love.


Have you ever seen a romantic comedy movie and you see that the protagonist and his or her couple are in a restaurant, and the decorations (and everything else you do on February 14th), works (not a lot, but still). And in an environment where every little bit counts, it might be prudent for your establishment to spruce it up a little…even in Waffle House restaurants in Alabama.

Have a special Valentine’s Day menu.

It would be a bit off-putting to go on a Valentine’s Day dinner at your restaurant, and you end up getting your “regular.”

Even if it’s just for a day, have a special menu ready just for the romantic holiday. And it shouldn’t be just a “Greatest Hits” modge-podge of menu items. This should be a once-a-year, and only once-a-year menu where your kitchen staff, but still leave room for your regular items for first-time patrons.

Make room for people who don’t have a reservation.

Odds are, that your restaurants is going to have full of reservations. But it’s still a good idea to at spare a few tables for those who couldn’t reserve a table or their reservation(s) got cancelled. While us at the Frog don’t mean place them at the end of the corner for everybody to ridicule, it’s still better to provide an inclusive environment for couples who might not even have time to give a reservation.

Better yet, make it single-friendly as well.

This is especially useful if your establishment has a bar area, but the romantic holiday should be inclusive for singles as well. If your restaurant is big enough, host a separate event independent from the “romantic crowd” so that can maximize your patrons’ participation. Whether you’re hosting a comedy night, open-mic night, or even trivia night, make this a good opportunity to test events and see what works in your establishment.