How to prepare your establishment for this weekend’s big football game


If last year’s Super Bowl telecast became the most watched program in American history, it’s very likely that this weekend’s upcoming Super Bowl is going to be another sensation. Here are some tips to prepare yourself for the annual American football spectacular.

(By the way, if you’re noticing why we aren’t using the actual words, read this article)

Start preparing now if you haven’t already.

If you had to learn one thing from chain restaurants, then it’s that such chain eateries advertise discounts heavily during Super Bowl week. This is especially beneficial for restaurants if your restaurant offers takeout or delivery, since the number of people who go out to watch this weekend’s big football are disproportionately low. But if you run an establishment (especially a sports bar) that do plan to have a special event (which, fun fact, there’s a trademark on), then it’s time to go to your social media channels and start offering your olive branch.

That being said, if your establishment had prior success in such big sports weekends, then now would be a good opportunity to order extra supplies (like food) so you can keep up with demand. And if time permits, even have a separate menu for the big game (Here’s an idea if you want to get started)

However, if you haven’t planned a party at this point, and you’re planning to host a viewing party, you should pay attention to the legal considerations before doing so.

Adapt to the game’s outcome

Okay, so your place is all ready for Sunday’s game. But then are you going to do post-game? Depending on if your preferred team wins or loses, it’s time to give out promotions. This is similar to how restaurant people give out coupons during home games, and it works because you are not giving your patrons a reason to neglect your establishment. After all, if your team won, wouldn’t you want to give them something?