Have regulars in your establishment? It’s time to switch up your menu (and more often)


If your restaurant, food truck, or trailer starts to get a good amount of regular customers, then an important method to keep your regulars is to change up your menu. Even though you will probably have to spend a lot of time and money updating your menu items, it can be worth it for the long run.

It keeps your restaurant exciting.

While some of your regulars might be used to their “usual,” keeping your menu consistently updated can be a good way to keep your restaurant known.

But you don’t want to change your menu items all the time. Whether the update layout is on a monthly, seasonal, or yearly–regardless of what interval you want to adopt, it’s a pretty good idea to experiment and see what interval works not only for your customers, but also for your employees.

It’s better for your chefs.

While it’s not exactly can be called as a job rotation, switching up your menu every now and then not only means that your chefs get to cook different kinds of food, but it gives them new challenges.

Not to mention, giving your chefs different things to cook mean more experience for them. Even though menu control is different per restaurant (in some cases management might get to change the menu, while in other places chefs might get to), the change should happen either way.

Don’t just add, remove as needed.

If you plan to update your menu, this is also a good opportunity to remove some of your menu items as well. Maybe a couple of your items were limited-time only, got popular for a while, and is now starting to become stale. Perhaps one or a few of your items were intended as experiments and they didn’t pan out.

Regardless of what you do, updating your menu is a good way to minimize your losses–especially if it’s towards your food supply.