Why the “no-tipping” craze may be already over


The “no-tipping” phenomenon in restaurants has picked up enormously, especially with Joe’s Crab Shack being the first restaurant chain to get rid of gratuities altogether. But with growing skepticism and some restaurants even reversing policies, it’s a strong possibility that the end of tipping might be already over before it begins.

Not every restaurants can adjust to alternatives.

While it’s true that there are a lot of success stories resulting from restaurants banning tipping, those success stories only tell one side of the story. The other side to this story, as Eater demonstrates, is that the menu prices often bump. For those established restaurants who already have good online reviews, hold an established patron base, and provide a solid profit–the banning tipping is just good PR. Bur for the majority of restaurants where they still may face a high failure rate (that’s compared to small businesses in general), a lot of restaurants may not be able to afford it, especially as there are separate wage laws regarding tipped wages (And not to mention the likelihood that some patrons might not want to pay more just because of no-tipping).

The jury is still out on tipping in general.

Even though plenty of articles exist on the good side about restaurants banning tipping, no definitive opinion exists on whether tipping should end.

If you ask Eater, most people believe in stopping tips. But if you ask Quinnipiac University on what people think about tipping, the ban on tipping is a lot more resistant. But beyond what people think in general, it’s also a cultural issue. Is it really that simple to adopt what everyone else around the world already adopts and just get rid of tipping altogether? Depending on who you ask, there’s no definitive answer.

While not having a definitive answer might not sound much, the fact that the culture change on tipping haven’t changed drastically as introducing the iPhone probably means that a number of restaurants will still ban tipping, but most will likely go back.