Have little room in your commercial kitchen? Consider a Sizzle’n Chill.


Ever wondered if you need a piece of equipment in your commercial kitchen where you could cook and cool in one place? Then a Sizzle n’ Chill might be for you. While it might be overkill to combine the cooking properties of a range and the refrigerating properties of an undercounter cooler, there are actually a number of advantages that can come by having a Sizzle n’ Chill in your commercial kitchen.

You save space in your kitchen.

While it might not sound much to replace a full-size range and an undercounter cooler with one that does both, the math can provide a different answer.

Consider this: Your restaurant’s kitchen current has a 36″ range and a 48″ undercounter refrigerator. That is 84 inches of horizontal space. But by placing, say, a 48″ Sizzle and Chill–you not only potentially have enough room for eight burners, but two refrigerated below-the-counter drawer that can hold up to one full-size pan inside each drawer. Not only does this mean that you have 36″ inches to spare (whether you want to add a hot plate, a griddle, an equipment stand, etc–all available at the Frog), but you can reduce prep times as well.

It’s an alternative if you don’t need an oven in your range.

In a lot of cases, restaurant kitchens already have a convection oven for baking purposes. But for such kitchens that have a range as well, you probably already have an extra range oven sitting there that:

  1. Don’t have enough room to place what you need to bake on a regular basis.
  2. Lack the power output compared to what you’d expect from full-size convection ovens.

In the exception that you got a range with an open cabinet case (which, according to some of us Frogs, is a waste of space anyway,) it’s better to use the space not occupied for your range oven and place–in this case– an undercounter refrigerator.

But it’s overkill in most situations.

But it’s important to stress that in the majority of kitchens, having a sizzle n’ chill is an overkill. Not only is this preferable for commercial kitchens that have

  1. Have so little room that you lack the space available to have the cooking equipment and the cooling equipment separate.
  2. Your commercial kitchen is so high-volume that you need to minimize prep times as much as possible.

Otherwise, you are missing the opportunity of having an extra, smaller oven on your range and having more storage space that’s otherwise available in a regular undercounter.

However, if you do meet either of the requirements above, or if you’re interested in getting new or used equipment for your restaurant, go ahead and call us at (407) 480-3409 or email us to info@onefatfrog.com.