Easy Ice Bin Cleaning

Do you own, rent, or lease an ice machine?

With holidays in full bloom, it might be putting in overtime to fill the demands needed around holiday time. This might be for holiday meals, employee parties, social activities and more. Wherever there are beverages, ice is most likely needed to keep them cool!


With more workload, that means more usage which can cause it to get dirty. Keeping it clean might pass your mind, but make sure to do so for cleanliness and health. Get in the habit of cleaning your ice bin with these easy tips:

  • At least once a week, clean the exterior of your ice bin. (Daily is even better)
  • Use a gentle cleanser and clean soft cloth to wipe down all exterior surfaces of the ice bin.
  • Keep your ice scoop clean! Make sure to clean and sanitize it. Only use the ice scoop to scoop ice, not your hands or glasses to scoop the ice out of your ice bin. Be sure to store your ice scoop in a holster as well, not the ice bin.

Keeping your ice bin clean is the beginning. With the New Year just around the corner, maybe your resolution is to have a cleaner restaurant. If this is your resolution, a cleaning schedule would be super helpful for your commercial kitchen. Assign daily, weekly or monthly tasks to make sure your kitchen is sparkling clean.

With that in mind, have a fun, safe and happy holidays from The Frog!

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