This is a Good Sign

You may think that one little sign that says, “This is a good sign,” may not contribute anything to the world. With much surprise, it has impacted thousands of people on six continents. Eric Dennis founded Good Signs in St. Augustine, Florida, in early 2010. He created this organization to help people feel better and to combat the fear and division in the world. His goal was to strengthen communities, but it has transformed into a worldwide movement focused on being positive.

Today, thousands and thousands of people on six continents carry, wear and share Good Signs. It is a simple sign that is shared world-wide. It reminds others to be happy, hopeful and ultimately provide a catalyst for positive changes they wish to make in their lives.



People all around the world take pictures with the simple, very effective, promotional sign. Their brand is shared through music, adventure, consistency and optimism. The positivity the sign brings impacts people every day. Wherever Good Signs are shared, a story of passion, hope and spectacle is written to help encourage and empower others with positivity.

This message has even touched many celebrities like the band Mumford & Sons to George Clinton, who carries a Good Sign on his suitcase, wherever he travels. Here at One Fat Frog, we believe in Good Signs. It’s a great way to spread positivity and happiness through all different kinds of settings. Where will you share your Good Sign?

For more information about Good Signs, visit their website: