Young Chefs Wanted

Children are absolutely full of potential.

Does your child always follow you around the kitchen wanting to help you out? Maybe, the little angel wants to cook the full meal all by oneself. If your child’s idol is Emeril Lagasse and has a knack in the kitchen – here might be the perfect opportunity for them to shine.

MasterChef Junior is now casting! Some people find their love at a very young age, here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we believe people should always follow their dreams – no matter what age they might be. Finding a passion at a young age might even help them in the long run. The younger one finds something they love and may want to do professionally their whole life, the more time they have to craft their abilities – or might we say… become a Master Chef.

MasterChef Jr. is on a nationwide search for the most talented home cooks in America between the ages of 8-13. They’re having an open casting call in Atlanta, GA on Saturday, December 12th. Let your little home cook give it a try! Your child’s passion and potential might make them into the next MasterChef. Let your child show off their cooking talents – taking risks has potential for big rewards.

Who knows, your child may be the next big star in cooking.