Restaurant Equipment Geeks

I admit it- most of us Frogs are super geeky over restaurant equipment.  You’ll find we do product training with all team members to include even our office support staff.  What does this mean to you?  Well we eat and drink at your establishments because you know food and beverage.  You shop here because our life surrounds food service equipment and food trucks!

Just a few things that our obsessive geeks have to offer you:

  • great technical product knowledge- particularly if you sit with one of our product specialists.
  • master level technicians with 20-34 years of experience IN FIELD
  • experienced metal fabrication team who knows the ins and outs of building food trucks, installing walks and hoods!
  • a track record of opening more startup businesses than anyone else out there- this mean we excel at logo, naming, branding, floor plans, flow, and overall concept creation
  • truckload pricing on everything from new walk in coolers or walk in freezers, big discounts on Frog branded refrigeration, hoods and hotline equipment.
  • unparalleled knowledge of restaurant equipment fight scenes in recent movies from Ted2 to James Bond Spectre!
  • excellent cultural reference to food service scenes on television and in film!
  • Geeky knowledge about most of your favorite food providers and their kitchens!
  • A super prideful team with Seminoles fandom and a few pitiful Gators
  • team members with 27-30 years marriages

This is just the beginning of the awesomeness that is the Frog!  Come in, meet us and get your food truck, restaurant or kitchen did.  We’re better at doing kitchens than most people are at doing hair.