Master Level Technicians on staff

The Frog is proud to share that we have master level technicians on staff.   Our team of hotline and coldline technicians have 20 to 34 years experience in field.  This means you have someone who is experienced working on this equipment.  It’s not their first rodeo!

What’s the value of having an experienced technician?  It means they know the common issues and design flaws.  They know how to hone in and they also know how it should work overall.

Master level technicians don’t come cheap.  Our technical staff is among the highest paid in the industry and thus we have some of the best in the industry!  Not too long ago someone told us another dealer in the Orlando metro area was hiring for technicians at $10/hr.  One can only imagine how little experience the candidates had.

The Frog values education.  Our president is a retired principal and educator; that’s why you’re going to see a lot of education going on under our roof.  We have ServSafe Food Manager’s Classes available on a monthly basis and if you make an appointment we have Startup Specialists available to help flesh out your business plan and floor plan!

If you’re gonna do used you gotta do it right and that’s the Frog way!  Come in and save some money where it makes sense!  We do have limited supply of used equipment ready to go on the sales floor.  At 100,000 square foot of new and used food service equipment, chances are we have what you need!