TLA = True Love Always

At the Frog we’re dedicated to helping people open restaurants and creating longevity to our relationships.  We’re pretty dang proud that one of our Frogs just celebrated 27 years of marriage– woo hoo!  How’s that for #Goodluck?  Should you wish to come in and rub elbows with them just stop in.

That being said, we’re also trying to help our newbies get married and stay married.  Today a gentleman’s girlfriend is celebrating her birthday.  He asked her what she wants; she said nothing.  He said, well I don’t need to get her anything.

Is that the correct answer?  No, not at all.

Thank goodness we caught it before he goes home.  He’s now full of appropriate answers and coaching from long marrieds.

I swear we’ll get him married off before it’s over.

Stay posted for an update tomorrow whether he got the couch or got bonus points.