Great Aunt Gertie’s Business Ideas IN STOCK

Bored entrepreneurs of Orlando’s Frog restaurant equipment purveyors will be listing some hot business ideas hereafter for your viewing enjoyment.  Yes, quite frankly, there are many of us out here who find new and used restaurant equipment and startup a hoot.  Have you ever thought of opening the following business for your Great Aunt Gertrude?

  1. Gelateria – I scream, you scream, we all scream for Gelato… ho ho ho.. well if it’s upscale Gelato you’re looking at serving we have the following equipment for your package:  Gelato case, 3 compartment sink, handwash sink, Gelato Maker machine, display freezer, refrigerator, freezer
  2. Soft Serve Frozen Yogurtorium – Don’t send your great aunt Gertrude to rehab.  Send her to work like a dog at  your Yogurtorium.  No spa days for you, Aunt Gertie, and don’t count on a massage therapist either.  At your very own Yogurtorium you’ll find the following equipment:  soft serve machines, 3 compartment sink, handwash sink, topping counter, refrigerator, freezer, countertop oven, and frozen drink machine.  Still have a hankering for baked goods?
  3. Baked Delights- open your very own bakery with delicious items in that dry and that refrigerated bakery case.  We also have rotating pie and cake cases that are freezer or refrigerator.  Make sammiches, pizzas and other baked delights.  No rest for the wicked, Aunt Gertie can work this joint for you before her evening shift next door at the Yogurtorium.
  4. Craft Beers and Bras- Didn’t you always have the interest in having a beer while you’re bra shopping?  I tell you we’re just full of winning combinations.  Bras and Brews- you can even steal that name, but you owe me a free bra!  We’ve got a nice little 69″ kegerator (no bad dirty joke intended, she’s really that large), 3 compartment bar sink, bar handwash sink, wine cooler and even a mop sink.  We do not carry the bras.  And who wouldn’t pay to see Dear old Aunt Gertie working third shift in her bra while it’s all swinging low sweet chariot.
  5. Pizza, Pizza, Pizzaeriam with either a stone deck oven or a boo-tiful double deck conveyor oven.  Add in your own used pizza make table, a new or used cooler and freezer set, walkin, sinks and fryer and you’re in business.  But lock up the kegerator because you know Aunt Gertie is gonna be hitting the taps hard!

So, see here, kids, don’t cry that Aunt Gertie lost her job, is headed to rehab or broke up with your uncle Bert, dreams can come true!  Imagine the moolah you’ll make with your new joint called Bras and Brews- Watch out Victoria’s Secret!

The above is a true story and business suggestion based on inventory in stock! Call (407) 480-3409