Giving the Restaurant a Brand Identity and Logo

Logo Sketches
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When opening a restaurant, as an owner, one goal is to attract as many customers as possible to create the most profit. An important aspect of catching attention is the restaurant’s logo design, which ties in with the restaurant’s brand identity.

What is a brand identity?

A brand identity is the overall look or design of your company. For example: McDonald’s has a very strong brand identity. When seeing the gold ‘M’ – it is automatically associated with McDonald’s. If you look at their advertising, packaging and the restaurant itself, a customer will see the same font and colors. Now, when the customer sees red and yellow they will associate it with their brand.

McDonald's Logo
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Simple or Stylized?

When it comes to logos it can be as simple as a single letter like ‘A’ to stylized text like the Coca-Cola logo or a mixture of both. An owner should want a logo that will be meaningful and memorable. For example, if the restaurant is a pizzeria, the logo might be a piece of pizza but every pizzeria can be known for that! So add a twist to suit the identity of your pizzeria. Say your brand focuses on vegetarian pizza – the logo may include a piece of lettuce dressed with pizza ingredients. Some examples of some strong, simple restaurant logos would be Subway, McDonalds, or A&W. Some stylized restaurant logos would be Hardee’s and Bojangles. If we were to simplify our One Fat Frog logo, we would get rid of the text around the frog and possibly make the frog very simple.

Logo of Subway
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Some Tips for Creating a Logo

The logo of the restaurant should be used consistently, frequently and often. It should imprint in the mind of the customers so it begins to be automatically associated with the restaurant. The logo can be involved in all aspects of design – business cards, signs, advertising, menus and much more. A smart choice when creating a logo would be to work with a graphic designer and keep these tips in mind:

  • Make the logo clear. Keep in mind that people have all different types of eye sight so the logo should not only pop with great color but look great in black in white and also in gray scale.
  • Keep it simple. The logo shouldn’t be super busy and confusing. Think of the most popular logos, they are extremely simple and easy to remember. Simple – but immediately associated with the brand it represents.
  • Size matters. The logo should look as good on a business card to a big sign outside of your restaurant. Don’t use crazy fonts that are hard to read because the fonts might look great on a billboard or sign but when it gets shrunk down to a business card it can hardly be read.
Graphic Designer
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With these ideas in mind, the logo design process should be a piece of cake. Remember, don’t feel like the logo must be done all by yourself, graphic designers have a strong passion for designing logos that will be memorable, versatile and clear. Pass them the main points you want and let their creative juices create a fantastic logo that will last forever.