Fast Times at One Fat Frog


It’s Saturday (we’re open 10-3, if you didn’t know!) and a lot of exciting things have happened this week at One Fat Frog! We’ve been crazy busy today, so let me lock myself away long enough to drink a coke and write this blog…

I almost need to hide away in the bathroom and scribble it on toilet paper like Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta.

I know you are champing at the bit to know what exciting things have happened at One Fat Frog, so I am going to tell you! First, I turned 25 (and I only cried a little) and then some of the girls that work the front desk convinced a client to bring them chocolate (thanks, by the way – it was delicious!) We sure do love our clients – especially when they bring us food! *hint hint* What? I have no shame and I’m hungry.

Around the same time as the chocolate, a new face started showing up. This week has also brought on the introduction of a new member of our Finance department! I’d post a picture of him, but I’m afraid I’d break the internet with his whit and good looks, and let’s be honest, if the internet broke and I couldn’t watch all those cat videos I would not only be hungry, but I’d be angry. Hangry.

But ladies, I hear he likes hugs, so come on down and hug him! There has even been a slot added to our wheel of fun for him! He’s tall and has a bit of an accent…but that is all you’re getting out of me! You’ll have to stop in and see him to get any more information!

And trust me, you’ll want to stop in and talk financing with him!

Financing and leasing programs for walk in coolers, walk in freezers and and indoor and outdoor installation for Jacksonville, Tampa, Lakeland, Melbourne, Cocoa, Daytona, Palm Coast and Jupiter!  Don’t forget Viera install and sales!  Brevard restaurant, bar owners and bakeries shop at the Frog!  The Frog even offers technicial installation of walk in coolers and walk in freezers in Brevard FL.