The business of business plans

Business plans are long. And lengthy. And should really take you a while to make. But what is a business plan? A business plan usually plans and outlines the projected losses and earnings for 2-4 years. But if you’re anything like me, business plans probably look like the last thing you want to sit down and write up when dreaming out your future restaurant or commercial kitchen. I would rather pick out furniture and restaurant equipment and leave it for someone else to sit down and write out a bunch of boring math equations that show how much I’m going to be spending and making.

One Fat Frog has addressed how to write a business plan here.
And here, here, here, here, here, here, aaaannnnd here. (Hey, I told you, business plans are long. And lengthy. And take a while.) They are much more technical than this discussion will be, and when you have time, I really suggest that you read them as they are full of useful information.

And let’s be honest here, Google is pretty terrible at making business plans seem appealing and fun. There are templates upon templates of 10-50 page business plans, and I just can’t handle it. As the kids say, “I can’t even-“. So I sat down, read through a bunch of other people’s business plans, and came up with the questions that are answered most commonly in business plans.

So, while you’re in the business of making business plans, keep these questions in mind.