Visit our Commercial Kitchen Warehouse…

And help me deal with my birthday.

I think it’s time I pitch in about this quarter life crisis I’m having. Because, you know, It’s T-7 days and counting. I love you guys who have brought me food and things this week. 

Just for the record, next Saturday, you could all make me feel really special by stopping in and seeing me. We’re open from 10am – 3pm on Saturdays.  BRING ME CUPCAKES AND TISSUES…and maybe some Fireball and Angry Orchard.  

I would love for you to take my mind off of my birthday (and my old age) by letting me show you around our 100,000sq/ft warehouse full of commercial kitchen equipment. Or at least getting you to someone who can do that while I wallow at my desk. Bask in the fryers, or huge line of coffee equipment we just got in. We have coffee grinders, coffee brewers…I’m drooling thinking about all the coffee.

Or hey, if you’d rather hang out with me before your tour of the 100,000sq/ft of restaurant equipment, you could spin our wheel of fun! It’s a great way to pass the time when you’re waiting…and some of the landing spots are pretty awesome.  And they don’t talk about how old I am! If that’s not enough time with me, you could fill out our finance application. We do in house financing and can get your answers same day…but while you wait a few minutes, I will tell you tales of the Frog.

That’s what people do as they get older…

Yeah yeah, I know 25 isn’t “old”. I still have a lot of life to live. But 25 is old for me. It’s the oldest I have ever been. I thought it was bad enough when I turned 23. Blink 182 pretty much summed up my life (nsfw video or lyrics here). I never imagined that being 25 would be harder.

Good thing for me, my One Fat Frog family is here to make me feel better. I can already hear someone telling me, “You’re older than the bricks in that stone pizza oven,” or something equally as disturbing.

So stop in and see me! I’ll be the only blue haired girl here from 10am-3pm on Saturday – and I’ll be waiting!

2416 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32809