UCF vs Winter Park: Price Points

I’m a Frog that attends the University of Central Florida but I live in Winter Park. I literally get the best of both worlds. Both areas offer different and unique experiences. The price points for both areas are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Generally Winter Park caters to a more affluent clientele while UCF is obviously centered around a college student’s  income . I don’t necessarily prefer one area to the other but when I find myself on a budget , you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll find this frog around UCF.

Restaurant choices around  UCF offer  a  more a affordable variety of restaurants. As a college student on a budget, I’ll be the first to say inexpensive is my favorite word. Popular restaurants centralized near and around campus include Lazy Moon Pizza, Natura Coffee , Tijuana Flats, 4 Rivers, Applebee’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and a bunch more. For restaurants in Winter Park, most people would recommend checking out Park Ave. Here you’ll find the fine dining, 3 and 4 star restaurants. Some of my favorites include 310, blue on the avenue, Bosphorous, Luma and Prato. Also in the Winter Park area you’ll find Hilstone, Hamilton’s, Flemings, and the Ravenous Pig. You can count on each plate being upwards of 20 dollars.

Now for bars, the UCF area doesn’t offer too much diversity. Ask any student and they’ll tell you there’s two places most students go to: Knights Library and Knights Pub. The two establishments offer great incentives and drink specials to get people in, including free covers on many nights and free drinks until midnight.  Winter Park bars on the other hand, has incentives that cater towards a different demographic that doesn’t really sweat over a cover charge.

Are you thinking about opening a restaurant or bar in either of these areas? It’s imperative you know the clientele you will be reaching so you can set the appropriate price points. And when you end up needing to equip that bar or restaurant with commercial restaurant equipment, the Frog is here for you. We actually just got in truckloads of bar equipment! We even deliver to the majority of cities in Florida for free and all used equipment comes with a free 30 day warranty!

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