New Inventory on Restaurant Equipment – by the truckloads!

I’ve taken note this week of just how many trucks we’ve been taking in and sending out. I won’t lie – I lost count. We have had instances where there have been big trucks playing chicken in our parking lot trying to get their truck in first. I’m glad our drivers are so skilled because I don’t think I could maneuver my little 4-door sedan the way these guys drive a box truck.

Here are just a few of the pictures we’ve snapped:


Forgive us. We get a little excited when we see new trucks every day. They make us want to jump up and take pictures. We are probably a little too excited about restaurant equipment. (yeah right. There is no such thing!)


This is just one of the many trucks we see drive by our offices on a regular basis.


This guy is one of the good drivers I was talking about. I was pretty impressed that he could get here…I tried to drive the box truck once, just to move it from one spot to the other, and I parked about as straight as a question mark (and there wasn’t even any restaurant equipment in it. They told me they didn’t want me to mess it up with my driving, whatever that means).


I mean it when I say the amount of restaurant equipment we receive on a daily basis is ridiculous. I’m constantly being told we have new equipment. And I can’t look out the window without seeing one of these:


But my favorite part is when I walk into the warehouse and see THIS. (See those guys in the corner? Some of them are part of that delivery team I said could drive so well. I think I even see a technician in there. Did you know that some of them have over 32 years of experience? I was told once that One Fat Frog has so much varied equipment that our MASTER level technicians have learned things from working here!)


Look at all those boxes full of new and used restaurant equipment! It looks like our sales team is getting lost in all those boxes!


But don’t worry frog-heads. We also send out trucks on the daily! I can barely get them to sit long enough as we load them to take a picture, so we had to send a frog to take a picture from inside the delivery truck!


So hey, you’ve seen how much we have coming in – why aren’t you here in our 100,000 sq/ft warehouse and showroom getting your equipment? I want your equipment on our next FREE DELIVERY truck out!

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