Start Up: Do You Need a Kids Menu?

In many situations, a kids menu can be a beautiful addition to your restaurant But, how essential is it for you to have a kids menu? Some places need one and some places just don’t. When’s the last time you saw a kids menu at a strip club? Okay, maybe that’s a wee bit inappropriate and maybe even illegal, but it’s true!  Two things are very important when deciding whether or not you need a kids menu.

1. Know Your Demographics: I was at Friendly Confines the other day and wasn’t too hungry so I decided something from the kids menu would work, only to find out there wasn’t one. I don’t know why I expected there to be. Have you ever been to Friendly Confines? Their demographic is mainly college students and older who wanna enjoy a cold beer while they watch a football game. Friendly Confines would actually lose money by offering a kids menu.

This being said, a sports bar such as Buffalo Wild Wings  offers an extensive kids menu and are obviously quite successful. Nothing is black and white. You have to do whatever works for you!

2. Where Is Your Location: Are you in a residential area or a more commercial area such as downtown Orlando? It’s unlikely you will find a family friendly Applebees on Church Street. More often than not, the location of your restaurant will dictate whether a kids menu would be profitable or not.

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