Homemade Subway

Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet who think a sandwich of any kind is a “homemade subway”. And I have proof! (This picture links to a real life tweet about it!)


This frog found this Buzzfeed article. And anyone who is anyone knows that Buzzfeed is totally legit. Okay, sometimes it’s full of rhetoric and sarcasm, but you know, we frogs wouldn’t know anything about that.


As a frog-girl who loves sandwiches (almost as much as food trucks and coffee), I’ve come to debunk this rumor that any sandwich is a “homemade Subway”. First off, Subway is a brand of sandwich restaurant, not a type of sandwich. And secondly…what?

So…here is the deal. A sandwich is a product of putting something (usually, meat, cheese, peanut butter, jelly, bananas, or something of the like) in between two pieces of bread. Subway restaurants puts out a product that is inside a hoagie roll rather than between two pieces of bread. These sandwiches are often called subs, wedges, hoagies, heroes, grinders, or baguettes.

And aside from the finished product being a different item, there is so much more involved in making a Subway sandwich. Things like the bread.

Rather than going to a store and buying a loaf of bread, Subway restaurants prepare a dough and use a proofer to make their dough rise. In fact, Subway restaurants have a long list of equipment that they use (and One Fat Frog happens to sell) in order to make your Subway sandwich experience a lot different than that of making a sandwich in your kitchen.

• Nu-Vu Proofer / Convection Oven
• proofer
• refrigerated cold table
• slicer
• Amana oven like Turbo Chef
• commercial refrigerator
• commercial freezer
• walk in refrigerator
• soda fountain
• ice tea dispenser

I’d like to see someone use this stuff in their home kitchen. Actually, don’t do that. That is a terrible idea, as pointed out by a fellow frog. Also, there is a difference in the kitchen between sandwich prep tables and pizza prep tables. Subway restaurants use a sandwich prep table. In case you were wondering, here is the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table.

But hey, if you want to make some “homemade subway”, I’m totally willing to taste test it. Just keep in mind, it’s homemade (and your bread is probably only 4inches, rather than 12), so I’m not paying Subway prices. (I like my $5 Footlong.) If we do some math, I’m willing to pay you….$1.67