Quarter Life Crisis at the Frog

One of our One Fat Frog employees is turning 25 in a couple of weeks and her quarter life crisis has quickly begun to ensue. I have been bombarded by texts from the frog who shall remain nameless, as she wearily approaches the big TWO FIVE (25). My favorite thing is probably when she begins to list the countless number of things that she is older than. I think it’s funny to remind her of how old she is and let her know my twenty year old unicorn blood feels sorry for her. Yes, I will be twenty forever. Wrinkles are so 2014.

mande1 mande2

ps I do really know what VHS is. And if I had forgotten the numerous amounts of video tapes in my house of me breakdancing to Salt n Pepper at my family reunion circa 2001 will never let me forget…oh to be young and have no shame. *sigh*

I thought I would do a good deed and help “Nameless” out a little bit. These Buzzfeed articles sum up what turning 25 /being 25 is like. “Nameless”, please check these out. #TwentyFivesBandTogether #IWillSurvive25

25 Signs You’re About To Turn 25

25 Signs You’re Almost 25

25 Things That Happen When You’re 25

Hope these help girlie. The frog cares about you.

pss “Nameless” is turning 25 on February 1st. Bring her cupcakes and a box of Kleenex.

Edit: I have just been informed by my calender that February 1st is a Sunday. “Nameless” will be in on the Saturday before though. She’ll be the girl with bright blue hair and a tear stained face.