5 Celebrities Who Own Restaurant Chains/Franchises

1. Shaquille O’Neal – Auntie Anne’s

Yes my good people of Frogville, Shaq owns over a dozen Auntie Anne’s around the ole US of A. If owning not one, but 17 Auntie Anne’s isn’t a dream come true, I just don’t know what is. You can find these gems located in New York and Michigan. I knew there was a reason I loved Michigan so much..forgot the great lakes. Side note: has anyone tried the mini pretzel wrapped hot dogs from Auntie Anne’s? They are heavenly but maybe not so heavenly on the thighs.

2. Venus Williams – Jamba Juice

Okay, I think this may be the most awesome one yet. Venus Williams owns two Jamba Juice’s and plans to add a couple more! When I went to Florida Atlantic University I lived at Jamba Juice. It was walking distance from my dorm which resulted in Jamba Juice basically running through my veins. My pockets weren’t too happy about the after class smoothie every day but my tummy sure was! On any day I would recommend the Apple n’ Greens Smoothie,it’s too legit delish 2 quit.

Back to Venus…she is probably my all time favorite female tennis player. I’ve been playing tennis for around 10 years (not trying to gloat, OK maybe a little). Watching Venus and her seestra Serena actually got me into playing. I’m still trying to get that Sharapova grunt down though…

3. Peyton Manning – Papa John’s

Peyton Manning, football supastar, owns over 20 Papa John’s in Denver. Their thin crust pizza makes me happy to be alive.

4. Magic Johnson – TGI Fridays and Starbucks

Magic Johnson is just a swell guy. He owns franchises of both TGI Fridays and Starbucks. He even opened a Magic’s TGI Fridays which offers more affordable meals and an even more casual environment.

5. Kim Kardashian – Burger King

Mrs. Kardash-West is the only person on the list who isn’t a professional athlete. What does she do exactly again? Just KEEEDING, I’ve seen every episode of KUWTK. What is really interesting is that Kanye West actually bought 10 Burger Kings for Kim as a wedding present. What a conventional guy!