Minimum Wage raises 12 cents in Florida

So starting tomorrow, it’s a lucky day for new employees!

Minimum wage is being raised in FL a whole 12 cents from $7.93 to $8.05!

So that means that any new hires and anyone making less than minimum wage now get a minimum of $8.05 an hour, whereas any of you old hires don’t get the raise. Unless you are a super awesome boss who makes up for the difference (because sometimes this kind of raise can cause bad blood when a new hire makes just as much as an employee who has seniority).

But you have to budget very carefully when you decide to make a decision like that. It may not seem like much, but pretend for a minute you have 5 cooks and you decide to raise their pay and additional $0.12 an hour to compensate.
Now pretend each cook works 30 hours a week.

That’s $0.12 x 30 = $3.60 per cook
$3.60 x 5 = $18 a week
$18 x 52 (The number of weeks in a year) = $936

That’s an extra $396 a year.

Now imagine your cooks are all working 40 hours.

That’s $0.12 x 40 = $4.80 per cook
$4.80 x 5 = $24 a week
$24 x 52 (The number of weeks in a year) = $1248

Do you see where I’m going with this?
This money is being spent on top of the money you already have allocated for their pay, and it doesn’t include the wait staff, management, bartenders, etc.

So do you think the extra money is worth keeping your back of the house happy? After all, a happy environment could have potential to increase sales. Maybe no directly, but a happy staff definitely tend to produce better, more efficient goods than an unhappy one.

Just some food for thought.